About Caviar Blanc…

It is with greatest honour and pleasure that we introduce you to our Caviar Blanc.

An innovative idea and four years of studies and certified quality control tests have elevated an almost 30 years old artisanal recipe to the level of a special and differentiated product: the Caviar d’Escargot.

Our promise is the latest and more exquisite gourmet experience as from the shape, texture and explosion of flavour upon tasting Caviar Blanc. A true feast for our senses.

To get the best Caviar Blanc it is essential to ensure the welfare of the species helix aspersa maxima all through the way. For that reason, our facilities and team seek to reproduce their natural habitat avoiding any influence on any of the aspects that make these tasty white pearls rise from the Nature. No preservatives are added to Caviar Blanc.

The individual and manual selection of each pearl is a hard and time-consuming process even though entirely supported by our laboratory and subjected to high quality control standards. However, this is the only way to get this unique product: the best and purest Caviar Blanc.

The pearls from the woods are an unforgettable experience for those who taste them whether in the haute or nouvelle cuisine, or simply for the gourmet lovers.




3 frascos CAVIAR BLANC_corrigida


Caviar Blanc is available in the 28, 56*, 112* and 1120* grams’ containers.

*For a more rational packing, Caviar Blanc is normally delivered in multiples of 28 grams’ containers.


Caviar Blanc still deserve our attention even after sent to our customers. Therefore, we are implementing a complementary service that will provide you worldwide location of the nearest Caviar Blanc experience. Tell us where you are and we will be pleased to guide you to the nearest excellence chefs who allow the taste of this exceptional delicacy.



Exclusive promotion for Valentine’s day

Till next Tuesday the 14th – Saint Valentine’s day promotion Promo Code: Valentim Your 28gr for 28 Euros…    Order in our website  or send us an email at: www.caviarblanc.pt or Info@caviarblanc.pt     Limited to the available stock – shipping costs not included    

CAVIARBLANC at FITUR 2017 – International fair of Tourism in Madrid

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Participation in SHARK TANK Portugal

Caviar Blanc participeted in the portuguese  SharkThank edicion in the national tv station SIC. Although it has not had the desired success in attracting the support of the Sharks, we consider important to publicize our performance. We also believe that opinions are and will be just that, so we always respect the work everyone. This is the link […]


É com todo o agradado que informa-mos que a nossa iguaria já se encontra disponível para todos os consumidores das áreas metropolitanas de Lisboa e Porto, em 3 grandes pólos de distribuição  do EL CORTE INGLES. O nosso Caviar de Escargot-Caviar Blanc, encontra-se exposto  nas lojas do CLUBE DEL GOURMET nos espaços desta empresa de […]

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